Together, we can turn lives around. So, thank you for leading your company’s United Way workplace campaign. This is an important commitment… your success is important to us!

Campaign Coordinators Manual

enterprisecheckEvery year Bergen County’s United Way works with local companies and community supporters to help raise funds. Our commitment is to assist the most vulnerable residents in our community by developing programs and financial resources to address unmet needs.

Workplace Campaigns are held at variety of businesses, large and small. They enable employees to donate to Bergen County’s United Way through payroll deduction, cash or credit card, providing a chance to help the local community through workplace giving.

Conducting a United Way campaign is fun and easy with lasting benefits for your community. It brings employees together around a common goal, creating the opportunity for team building and increased workplace morale. As the Campaign Coordinator, you are part of a group of business leaders working to direct your corporate philanthropy where it will make the greatest impact. You have the opportunity to design a successful and fun working campaign that fits your company’s culture. Our guide contains strategies, tips and ideas that will help you plan and motivate your employees.

Your time is valuable and we will work with you every step of the way to assure your campaign fits the unique style and culture of your workplace. It takes some preparation and we will help to customize your campaign for your workplace.

We appreciate your time and hard work. To make your job easier, we’ve broken down the task into simple steps.

Campaign Committee

– Meet with your Bergen County’s United Way account executive and begin to plan.
– Gather the materials you need. We make it easy by supplying pledge cards. There is no cost to you.
– Recruit a campaign team comprised of representatives from all departments.
– Assign specific responsibilities to each member such as planning meetings, scheduling events, giving out materials and tracking results.
– Meet regularly and establish a timeline. Keep your committee meetings short and focused.

Goal Setting
– Set company goals and communicate them to employees. Goals can be a set amount of money to be raised or a level of participation.
– Make sure your goals are realistic.
– Examine the number of your employees.
– Consider how much can be raised through fundraisers/special events in addition to the workplace campaign.

Company Fundraising Ideas

  1. Penny Wars: The office is split up into teams. Each team has a coin jug which they fill with pennies. The object is to raise the most money in pennies. However, other teams can deposit silver coins into the jug which deducts from the total. So if a team has 1,000 pennies ($10.00) and 4 quarters ($1.00) they have a total of $9.00. The winning team receives a prize (lunch, breakfast, a half day, etc.).
  1. Jeans Day: Employees can pay $5 to wear jeans on a given Friday in a chosen month. If they pay $15 they can wear jeans every Friday in the chosen month.
  1. Jersey Day: Similar to jeans day, but employees wear their favorite team jersey instead.
  1. Raffles for donations: Employees purchase raffle tickets though their pledge forms. For every $5 an employee donates throughout the year, they receive one raffle ticket. Tickets are then used in a tricky tray. Example: an employee who donates $10 every other week ($260 for the year) will receive 52 tickets (260/5).
  1. Auction – Auction off an executive’s parking space.

Campaign Awareness

– Display United Way posters within your building (supplied by representative).
– Email all employees educating them about the campaign and the kick-off date.
– Have your United Way representative come in and explain how United Way helps the community.
– You can clarify this with group meetings. They are an effective way of telling the United Way story.

Follow up

– Ask employees to return their pledge card whether or not they gave.
– Select a representative from each department to help educate coworkers and answer questions regarding the campaign. Department representative collects the pledge cards and personally thanks each donor.
– Reach out to any employee that was unable to attend the meetings.
– May sure to thank everyone for all their hard work and let them know they are helping better their community.

Lastly, reach out to your local United Way representative to discuss the campaign results and solicit feedback and recommendations for strengthening the campaign next year.

For more information, contact Heather Liebchen, Director of Workplace Campaigns, at 201-291-0636 or