compassionfundlogoHelp when no one else can…

We are doing extraordinary things for people in their darkest hours by providing help that is direct, concrete, vital and timely – and we do so with compassion, respect and the highest regard for dignity.

Through the Compassion Fund, our response is immediate and personalized to the unique circumstances of the situation. We work one-on-one to turn things around – whether the struggle is personal or the result of a community-wide crisis.

We established the Compassion Fund as a resource of last resort. We have developed a very careful and effective process of working closely with our service partners to ensure that no other program or service is available to help our clients before we step in.

Already this year, we have helped 1,550 of our neighbors. We have resolved their urgent financial needs – everything from utility bills when they faced shut-off, medication and healthcare costs for those without insurance, and mortgage and rent payments to prevent eviction or foreclosure. Then, once we’ve stabilized the immediate crisis, we connect individuals in need to the 2-1-1 network of community resources to help them rebuild.

In every case, we have kept families in their homes, averting homelessness – a growing consequence of the continued high rates of unemployment and underemployment in our region.

Our ability to help has earned BCUW the confidence of our community, validated by a poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind™. 

In a recent survey by FDU’s Public Mind™ evaluating the impact of the Compassion Fund, 99% of our clients surveyed reported that they were treated with care and respect; 92% said Compassion funds were “very beneficial” in helping to solve their families’ acute problems and emergency needs; and 89% attributed the help they received to getting back on track.

There is more work that must be done and BCUW is still at it. Our ability to help is limited only by the gifts we receive. To request Compassion Fund assistance – call 2-1-1 or visit